Being African American In a White Church.

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Yes you have read that title right. My Husband is currently a worship pastor in a church where we are the only African American family in attendance, there is also 2 or 3 other family who are not of the caucasian decent. Whats the issue you might ask? Well, because my Husband is on staff and lead the church congregation in worship, he gets complaints all the time. Some complaints are just whatever and other are absolutely ridiculous. Our church is not ran on God its ran on people pleasing. There people complain so much about their wants vs. the will of God being done inside the church. Hang in there with me because this isn't just a rant, I have a story coming.

Remember when the confederate flag was being taken down! Yeah seems like it never happened because in social media things happen and then they disappear in 24 hours or maybe in 5, anyways my Husband being a educated black man was proud about it and he posted on Facebook mentioning that the confederate flag is in the same standing as the Swastika. Some of the white people of the church got mad and said he was disrespecting their southern heritage. Hmmmm! Now I thank God that my Husband doesn't have the temper that I do cause they would of been told some other words, but they fact that they didn't the disrespect the confederate flag is to our heritage and completely over looked the fact that my husband is African american and completely made him out to be the enemy is what got me. Those people were also apart of my Husbands worship team and due to the "disrespect" they felt my Husband gave they decided not to be in the worship team anymore. Crazy how you let a flag get in the way of ministering to others. So you probably weren't up there for the right reasons anyways. My Husband got in trouble because those people left and instead of his bosses seeing that it's wrong for people to leave  something cause of there own ridiculous beliefs they choose to blame him. So what if my Husband was a white man celebrating the taking down of the confederate flag, would those people have responded to him the same way. How would they say to another white person that they are disrespecting their southern heritage. Sounds crazy right?

Now lets get to the most recent complaint. On a beautiful Sunday my husband was doing worship! It was amazing and you can definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, he proceeded to share his testimony, saying that as a 25yr old African American man coming from where he grew up, statistically he shouldn't even be there. With life, a career, no record, He should be in jail or a high school drop out, selling drugs. He was praising God because God brought him through and used him. God choose him and the Holy Spirit was leading him to share that whatever anyone thinks they are suppose be or should of been they aren't there because God is using them for greater things.  Sounds amazing right, well a older white male only grasped on to the fact that my husband said he was african american and said that it was too political. REALLY??? Oh and it doesn't stop there but when my Husband informed him that it was the Holy Spirit using him the man said that it was a excuse! Well sir, you need to go back and have a talk with God cause the Holy Spirit being present in a church is never an excuse. If my Husband being African American is "Political" well then so is the indian family that comes to church in their traditional cultural clothing and so is the Mexican family with the mother who has the thick accent. Both these families we have been in their homes and celebrated their cultures with them and I felt like I belonged more in their homes than I have in our church. Where you are suppose to come as you are.

I have never in my life experienced people who think it is okay to treat others like this. I knew God brought us to the church for a reason and I am Glad we are here because we are opening eyes and minds in a whole new way. Some of these people have never interacted with black people and had a set perception of what we would be like but to their surprise we are everything they didn't imagine or could stereotype. We have come to this church for one reason and one reason only and that is to fulfill a mission God has set us on. I hate that along the way we have to deal with such ignorance but i'm glad we are here to educate the lost. Im proud to say I am African American and I will not water down who I am for no one, because God created me and if  you have a problem with Gods creation and who He has chosen to serve His people then you have to talk to God about that.

We have almost been here for a year and I could tell you some more stories about the crazy said to me because I am black and people thought it was okay to share stuff with me thinking it would connect us, but I will save those for another time. I had to share this because if you are reading this and you go to my church you now know that we go through more than the Sunday Morning eye can see and if you go to a church like this, you are not alone. God has a plan, don't give up cause He is going to use you in a way you can't even imagine.
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