(Secret) Pregnancy Blog 4-8 Weeks

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     Alright so you are probably reading this because me and my husband just officially announced our pregnancy! YAY! I am super excited and today I am 8 weeks. If you honestly want to know how I feel right now I can you you at this very moment I am really tired but I don't even really feel pregnant. These past 2 months have been really hard on my body emotionally and physically. This is something I have literally never felt before. I can also honestly say I don't like being pregnant though I can't deny the pure excitement I have every single day just knowing I am growing a little human in there.

 How did I know to take a test?
Well I didn't,  I had just got back from a amazing trip to San Diego and I thought I had a really bad cold. I usually get over my colds really fast but it was lasting longer and I was really congested and super sleepy and a lot more gassy than I have ever been before.  I still didn't think I was but I decided to take a test. I was about 8 days past my ovulation ( I had did my research ) Everyone said that would be too early to take a test but I took one anyways. There was a positive faint line. I was like maybe its a false faint! Then I looked on the side of the box and it said even a faint line is a positive. I still didn't believe it  so I got a different brand and took another test the next morning. I didn't see a positive not even a faint line so I was like okay I am not pregnant. The next two days I was trying not to think about it but something told me to take another test. So I made sure I woke up first thing in the morning and took a test with my first mornings pee. If that positive wasn't as dark as night. I really couldn't believe it. So I quickly went to the doctors office to confirm it. By this time I still didn't tell my husband but he had an idea that I could possibly be pregnant. I set it up and told him we would take a test together the next day and so he wouldn't think I took a test already.

How I told my husband:
I pretended like I wanted to do a Youtube Couple challenge and Blind folded him saying he needed to guess the items from my purse Im handing him. I gave him a lipstick and some other random items and he guessed them all, I handed him the pregnancy test and he had no idea what was in his hand. He accidentally took off the cap that covers the pee area and I was like wait a minute you're not suppose to touch that! I took the test out of his hand an took his blind fold off and screamed I'm pregnant. He wasn't super excited right off the back, because first of all I he just touched my pee, but after he washed his hands he was feeling great and ready to go.

What kind of symptoms did I have?

  • Nausea 
  • Sore breast
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Gassy 
  • Moody
I'm so excited to be a new mother and to start my family with my husband. Even though this isn't planned, I thank God for this blessing and I am praying that our baby grows and is healthy and joyful the way I know God wants them to be. Its okay to not like the process, cause to be real who really enjoys being sick. I think its all beautiful what happens on the inside but I don't enjoy what happens on the outside. I know there are women who dream of even going through this with the sickness and all so I don't take this for granted not one bit. 

I will be posting about my pregnancy often and the products I am using as well! Thank you for reading! XoXo

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