Pregnancy Update 9-12 Weeks.

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So on Wednesday my husband and I announced our Pregnancy. YAY! I am so happy to finally be out of hiding. First Trimester can be really lonely, I would be sick at events and have to take a break or disappear and people would be like whats wrong with Britnie? Yeah there has been lots of lies told these past 12 weeks!

Now lets talk more about the pregnancy symptoms I have been having in weeks 9-12.  I have definitely been nauseous all the time and to top it off I had also start a new job. I have definitely been super tired still but I was really working on my energy levels and controlling my sleeping a lot better because I would always take a "nap" but it honestly was like a full nights rest in the middle of the day. So I would just try to occupy my time the best that I could so that I wouldn't fall asleep, and save all my sleep for the night time. Nausea and Fatigue have been my main symptoms since this pregnancy has began. I actually threw up for the first time in week 11 and I am just not the throw up type of gal, I did eat a lot of random stuff the night before that probably didn't mix well so if it wasn't my pregnancy it was definitely the random mix of food I ate.

Other symptoms:
*Horrible After Taste from foods
*Constant Peeing
*A little moody
*Back Aches
*Always Thirsty
*Super Forgetful
*Vivid Dreams
*Sore Breast
and probably some other stuff I forgot to add.

In week 11 we got to the Baby for the first time! It was honestly a moment I will never forget, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It(Him/Her) was moving and it made me so emotional. You get to experience a life you created with your husband for the first time and it really make you put so much into perspective. God is amazing and I am so honored and don't even take this opportunity for granted. I'm super excited about being a mother.

With this being my first pregnancy I was constantly worried about if the baby is growing and if everything is okay! So I purchased Fetal Doppler so when I get worried I can hear the heartbeat and also see how fast the heart rate is to make sure the baby is healthy. Now before you go online and buy one go on craigslist and search for one thats how I got mine because I didn't want to wait for shipping and I wanted it now. So check craigslist and if there is nothing google fetal doppler and you can find some awesome deals on Ebay or Amazon and some of the sites have great deals.
I got the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler that looks like this..

You don't need to buy some super fancy ultrasound gel just go to Target or Walmart and pick up some Aloe Vera Gel and boom you're all set.

Our Baby:

People always ask me what I want (Boy or Girl) and I honestly feel its a boy and would like to try some gender stuff for fun. I would honestly be happy with either one though I know if I have a little girl I would be super excited too! Have a mini me, with cute little hair bows and outfits.

Is there a baby bump yet?
Not really I think it will be a while before I really start showing I can personally see a change in my body but Im sure other people won't notice

Do you have cravings?
Actually I do but only for food that I normally eat! Weird right? I have actually had more food aversions than cravings. I use to love eggs and now I hate them. I rather actually just eat boiled eggs and not scrambled.

What have been your body changes?
My boobs have gotten bigger and my butt. Pregnancy booty is great! My husband is loving it.

Are you still having sex while pregnant?
Sadly no, I honestly lost my sex drive first of all and second because I was having extreme cramping and and discharge my doctors told us to hold off on the humping until it stops or my second trimester and right now at 12 weeks my sex drive has come back and I'm ready to get back on the saddle haha.

Got Some more questions for me? Comment Below and ask! :) 

 Honestly I am 25years old and have only been married for 1 year, some will say that is way too soon to be having a baby. I would agree, because our baby wasn't planned.  I think its normal to have selfish thoughts especially at the age I am at. I told my self Paris by 25 not baby, so when I found out I was pregnant my first thought was am I still going to be able to make it to Paris. Will my marriage survive a baby this early in, and also will I even be a great mom or parents to this child.  Remember earlier when I said I started a new job. This job is perfect and everything I have been saying I wanted for long and have been working so hard for. It was like God told them to create the position just for me. Well it turned out that me being pregnant and working this job was not going to happen. Its so physical and also pretty dangerous while pregnant. With only working for a week I had to quit the job. I was really beating myself up cause I had been looking for a job for a year since we moved to this new town. With me being pregnant I was just so excited cause now we would have two incomes and would be able to provide so much for ourselves and our child and now we are a step back again. It almost made me feel like I have already failed as a mother.

Wanna know how we announced our pregnancy? Here is the link to the video, Hope you enjoy it..

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today! See you soon!

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  1. In this month, your baby will grow to more than three inches in length and almost one ounce. His head accounts for one-third of his total length, and his tongue, salivary glands, and taste buds have formed. You make first contact this month as you hear his heartbeat and perhaps even see him on ultrasound.