Pregnancy Update 13-17 weeks

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Hey everyone I am FINALLY back with a update on my pregnancy so far. It has been a very long fourth month of pregnancy and I am just praising God for getting me through it all, spiritually and physically.

Alright so month four like I said was very long and challenging aside from all the major personal stuff happening in my life, I was sick and just physically worn out. Why you might ask, well because me husband and I moved back home and are now closer with family. The move was so hard on my body, cause I am the type of person who HAS TO HELP, like there is no telling me no. I decided that I could lift a few things to make things go faster because we had limited help. Well I was 12 or 13 weeks pregnant and I ended up getting a tear in my Uterus which caused me to bleed out, at the moment I didn't know thats what was happening I just saw red blood and lots of it and started to panic. So on top of being physically worn out my body was now stressed. I thought I has lost the baby and I was beating myself up so badly. I spend like 7 hours in the ER just for them to tell me its a threatened miscarriage and there is nothing they can do! So how did I know what happened? I went online to a app that I was using to connect with out pregnant women and explained in detail what happened and other women who have had the same thing happen shared what it was and even someone who was moving also had the same thing happen to here. Its called a Subchorionic Hemorrhage.  It causes 25% of women to bleed and I was 1 of that 25. Heavy lifting is what caused this to happen and it may have been one of the scariest things I have ever experienced in my life. I lost all sense of self and was so focused on my baby! Other than the love for my husband I never knew I could love something so much that I have never even seen or touched, But its almost silly for me to say that because you don't even realize thats the same kind of love you have Jesus! Its amazing how God has prepared us for this type of love without us really knowing it.

Okay so now lets move on to the more happy side of thing, all the cool details of my pregnancy.

So in month 4 I also got to find out if my baby was a boy or a girl! I didn't want to wait until 20 weeks and when researching about the earliest time you could find out it was 14 weeks. So I went to a ultrasound place and payed to find out and man was I surprised. I didn't actually care if it was a boy or girl because with all that happened I just wanted a healthy and happy baby!
So by now you all know that we are having a BOY !!!!!!!

Symptoms 13-17 weeks:

Actually I have had none. I guess they are right about the 2nd Trimester because I had more energy and no more nausea!

Now I did get a cold which had be down for a while which is hard because you can't take anything while you're pregnant. WOMP! I do still get a little sleepy but I have definitely noticed my appetite expanding. I can definitely eat more that I have ever before.

Is there a bump yet?
Yes, I got a little something, something going on down there. I am am tall and skinny gal, so I am surprised I got anything really but my baby was measuring a bit bigger at 14 weeks but when people see me they tell me that they can't even tell that I am pregnant. You can be the judge of that though check out this photo of my baby bump

What have been your body changes?
Well my booty has definitely gotten a bit bigger and I am very pleased.

Are you still having sex while pregnant?
So with all that has been going on with my pregnancy all doctor's told me no sex and when I finally got in the clear I got it in! I  thought it would be weird and feel weird but It was actually better and felt amazing. Maybe cause I haven't had any in so long but my sex drive now compared to the 1st trimester is definitely on a level 10!

Do you have cravings? 
Still no cravings but definitely just eating everything I want, I am trying to keep a healthy diet but I am not holding back thats for sure.

Despite the stuff I have been through this past month I know I am still blessed to have the opportunity to have a child and no matter the outcome I am still praising God for this blessing.

Hope you all enjoyed my pregnancy update today! I will try to be more consistent and also my next post will be about skin care and how I keeping my pregnancy glow and what I use to keep from getting stretch marks. Also look out for some pregnancy fashion posts, find out how I dress my bump on a budget.

Got questions? Send them to my email at TheBlogXO@Gmail.Com

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