Favorite EveryDay Makeup Products

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Hey everyone so I thought I would share some of my favorite everyday makeup products that I use, I do use mostly all drugstore makeup so it is definitely affordable and you can still get the same flawless look as all the beauty gurus you see on Youtube and Instagram.

My favorite right now is the
L'OREAL Paris Infallible pro-matte.
This foundation comes on so smooth and
blends perfect with my skin tone. It says on the
tube that it's a 24hr stay, and I honestly believe
it is because it will stay on my face all day and
all night. I definitely recommend this foundation
it can totally compare to Macs Studio Fix Fluid.
I currently wear 112 in cocoa.

I swear by LA Girl Pro Concealer and
I will not use anything else. It blends so perfect and gives me a great highlight. You can find this concealer at any beauty supply, they are very randomly placed but they are affordable. I currently use Warm Honey and Cool Tan.

For that glow up aka highlight  I use the Milani Tantastic Baked Bronzer on my cheeks. This is definitely a long lasting product that will give youthat Amrezy glow for the lowlow.

I use the NYX  Conceal, Correct and Contour. I only use the orange color and the dark color. I have it in DEEP, and it will last you a long time cause a little goes a long way. You can find this palette at any drugstore
with a NYX section, Ulta or at a NYX store.

Now your brows are the most important part of your face if you ask me. I use the NYX Micro Brow Crayon Pencil. I have it in Espresso, this pencil is so awesome! If you are very details about your brows you will love it. It is true to its name because the pencil is super small and does not smudge at all. It is super long lasting, you can fall asleep
an wake up and your brows will still be done.

Now I also use a concealer to clean up my brows after i am done using the pencil and that is the NYX Full Coverage Concealer. This concealer is really thick so even if your brows are not done and there are some random hairs it will cover that right up and its in a super small jar. I have 2 of them on in Nutmeg and another in Tan. I have had mine for atleast more than 6 months and they aren't even close to being done. A little goes a long way.You can get both of these at either a drugstore with a NYX section, Ulta or the NYX store.

Setting Powder:
This is one thing that is not a drugstore product. I use the Ben Nye Banana Powder, you have to order it online but it affordable and worth it cause it will definitely make that highlight slay.

So that is it for my favorite daily makeup products. I hope you have to chance to try some out and love them just as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by XOXO

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