Gender Reveal On a Budget.

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Happy New Year!! So this post is way past due but I wanted to share some of the budget friendly details of my Gender Reveal I did in November. Lets get right into it,I decided to do a balloon box reveal, so I went to Hobby Lobby for the fabric I wanted which was on sale for 30% off, grabbed some letters and a banner to hang on it and the total cost of that was less than 30 bucks because I also used my 40% off coupon on regular priced items. You can get that on the Hobby Lobby app, it definitely comes in handy.

I  got my balloons from party city the plain ones are really cheap I think like 50 cents each and the decorative balloons I got for inside the box was 10 bucks and I got one special balloon and 3 plain ones that said "its a boy"

My juice: Blue Juice was a V8 Juice I picked up from the store, it was actually really good, and the pink juice was raspberry lemonade from Simply Lemonade. I already had the juice containers. The straw, plates and napkins I got from Walmart they were super cheap all under 5 dollars each.
The gender cake I made myself and used a blue velvet cake mix for the inside and got the pink and blue sprinkles from Walmart also. I picked up some mini Hershey candies and also some sharpies and my husband and I colors all of them so the blue says "He" and the pink says "She" It was super cute and everyone loved it.


Here is a closer look at the straws.
 Food was super easy, We just did pizza and Salad. We got 2 extra large pizzas that we got a great deal on cause they were 2 from 20 and of course picked up salad from the local grocery store.

Hope this helped anyone planning to have a small gender reveal, we kept it with close friends and family and it made it super special and intimate. Save all your money for the baby and the baby shower. Thats where it all counts in my opinion. I plan on having a huge baby shower. So i definitely didn't want to spend a lot on my gender reveal.  Make it fun and relaxing, definitely don't need to be stressing about it. My husband and I already knew what the baby was so it more for friends and family to find out and it was so much fun! Congrats to any of you ladies who may be expecting.

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