How Did I Know My Husband was "The One"

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Hey everyone, so today I will be talking about how I knew my Husband Richard was "The One". I get this question a lot from friends or followers, and I wanted to share how I knew. Honestly there wasn't a sign in the sky or birds singing in my ears. There wasn't a actual moment at all, and if you ask me how I knew I will tell you I didn't.

My Husband and I dated for 3 years before we got engaged and we were married at 4 years. I have alway felt that you must date someone at least 2-3 to get a good grip on who they are and only at 3 years does the getting to know each other stage really begin. We met on Facebook, with one mutual friend. We didn't talk right away it was something that just happened over time, because I definitely wasn't checking for him like that. I was already kinda talking to someone else. Our first date we went to a coffee shop, that soon became a place I would go to often because he participated in open mics there. We wen't on a total of 3 or 4 dates before we decided to go ahead and give it a try. Right after we began dating, his father passed away, and he was pretty much not the same guy that I met. It wasn't hard  to adjust because we just started dating but I definitely couldn't read him. His moods and actions I really didn't understand and when I thought I did I was still wrong.

After 1 year of dating, it was obvious to the both of us that we were total opposites. One of the only things we had in common was loving music, but still on different levels. I personally thought there is no way we would work out because of this. What I didn't mention about one of our dates though was that on one he took me to bible study. I had been struggling with my faith around the time I met him. I wanted to really get back my relationship with God and he was a youth leader in the youth group at his church. Him bringing me there that night, gave me and us something we would always have in common  and look towards and I didn't even know it until year two years had passed. We were both youth leaders and working together. We went to church every Sunday and attended bible study on Wednesday nights. Things were definitely not perfect between us but we couldn't deny what was holding us together. We both tried to give up and leave each other behind. I didn't have time for such a difficult man and he didn't have time for such a stubborn woman. 

Year 3 we had seen the good bad and ugly, some will say once you have seen that and the person is still around thats how you know they are the one, and from the beginning of our relationship marriage was definitely the goal. I was obsessed with the idea of it and our friends were all getting married, so I felt It was time too. We would go to little counseling sessions with our youth paster and his wife even before we got engaged, and at one of them they asked us "Why?" Why do you want to get married? Why do you want to marry each other? We thought we knew, we loved each other and we have spent almost 3 years together why not. We had to dig deeper and while talking to my Husband it wasn't until I realized that the way he loved me was how I knew he was the one. He loved me the way Christ loved the church. What made him the one was the fact that God choose him for me. It was the way he looked, or what was in his bank account. Is was the fact that his love for me and my love for him was the kind of love Jesus had for the both of us.

I always advise that people keep God first in their relationships. Why? Well because I have experienced relationship without God in it, and I have experienced an empty feeling of still not being happy even with someone. No one person can make you happy. You have to find your joy with God and when you do that He will send someone to add on to that joy. It makes it easier to tackle the hard times and move on. You begin to get closer to becoming one. You both have to have a relationship, you both have to believe and have faith. Thats how you know that person is the one, when instead of giving you a Instagram quote they saw on some meme, they give you scripture. We have just celebrated on year of marriage in November and are now expecting or first child together. I'm so thankful for allowing God write our story and to be continued...

Thanks for reading today, if you have any questions, comment below! Have a awesome Weekends. XOXO

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