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Hello  everyone, welcome back to The Blog XO and Happy Friday! So I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with PinkBlush Maternity. PinkBlush Maternity is an amazing clothing company that focuses on helping women feel beautiful during and after pregnancy with their very up to date and trendy styles, so us pregnant gals don't have to stand out for the wrong reasons.

So here is a little bit about the company, PinkBlush Maternity has been in business for 10 years. The company was started by a Husband and Wife team Chris and Rachel. The first started their shop on Ebay but quickly created PinkBlushMaternity.Com as their customer base grew rather quickly. They began with Maternity, then their Women's line was added just 2 years ago and Plus Size 1year ago.  PinkBlush started because Chris and Rachel wanted to provide women with confident, feminine and flirty fashions that celebrate life's transitions while still keeping it trendy and chic. PinkBlush Maternity is based out of the beautiful Southern California.

The dress I picked and received was their Taupe Braided Accent Maternity Sweater Dress. This dress is currently on sale right now for $44 originally priced at $73. I am absolutely in love with this dress, though it is a knitted dress and some can feel really heavy, this dress is super light. It fits perfectly for my still growing belly so you can say it true to size. I ordered it in a medium and because I am a bit smaller at 22weeks I still have room to grow into it and it will still even be great to wear after pregnancy. The fabric is amazing and not itchy. This is my first maternity dress so if all of them usually feel light and like you have nothing on then they got it right. Its already enough to feel a bit of discomfort throughout the day just being pregnant, and I wasn't sure how I was going to look in a maternity dress, but I didn't feel anything less but beautiful in it. It definitely already matches the style of clothing I loved to wear before pregnancy and even my husband didn't know it was a actual maternity dress. I definitely recommend PinkBlush to all my expecting moms to be out there because for one the quality is perfect, they are very affordable, and believe me I have been out  shopping for maternity clothing and PinkBlush has the prices I was looking for but could not find. Another reason why I recommend them is because they have sizes for all women, so no one is left out and everyone can enjoy and wear all the latest trends. They also don't just have clothing but accessories, shoes, scarfs, bags and more. You can literally shop your whole look on this site. I will be going back to the site soon to do some more shopping because for one I love shopping and two who doesn't enoy dressing the bump.

Here are photos of me in the Taupe Braided Accent Maternity Sweater Dress:


Closeups of the dress:

So now its time for the fun part. On Instagram you will have a chance to win a $75 Gift Card to PinkBlush Maternity. Instructions will be via Giveaway Post, on my Instagram profile (@Theeawesomebrit) so keep your eyes out as I will be posting it and the giveaway will go on this weekend! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post today! If you have any questions please make sure you comment below and I will get back to you asap! Have an amazing weekend! XOXO

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