Pregnancy Update ( 18-21 weeks)


Alright ladies, and maybe some gents. The wait is over! Here is a update on my pregnancy so far from 18-21 glorious weeks. YAY!  So I have finally made it to the halfway mark. Right now I am currently 21 weeks. If you have read any of my other updates you would know it was a bit of a rough patch making it here, but I am here and I am praising God for it!

So lets talk about month 5, well  the absolutely most exciting part about being in month 5 is that you finally start to feel the baby move! I seriously could not tell between my gas and baby movements so I thought I couldn't feel it yet. I remember when I first felt him kick. I was in the bed laying down and I definitely didn't have any gas. That night I purposely ate something that I knew wouldn't give me any trouble. I had also read about how to tell the difference between gas and baby movements. So when I felt him kick I referred back to what I read. It said gas will only last for seconds and baby movements are more consistent. He kicked one time, then he kept kicking. I yelled to my Husband I think I felt the baby move, he came into the room and it happened again same spot. I think I wanted to cry because it was so incredible to me. What was once was a little poppy seed was now kicking me in my belly. It didn't take long at all for the kicks to get stronger, mainly because my baby is very active and moves all the time.

By week 20 I could start feeling the kicks and movement when I touched my stomach and to my surprise when I looked at my stomach I started to see the kicks and movement too. That was definitely the icing on the cake. Its an amazing feeling that also makes me a little nauseous at times but I still love it.

So as you guys may already know from reading my last pregnancy update, I am having a boy, and now I can see and feel his kicks. So the next thing is am I still having any major symptoms?

Symptoms 18-21 Weeks

So when I hit 18 weeks I was battling a crazy cold in my throat and that had me in bed for some time cause I was just not feeling good enough to do anything. I do still get a bit nauseous sometimes just depending on what I have eaten. I am not a stranger to sleep, but I have been able to keep up with the young folks, just kidding but I have been able to stay up later sometimes it just depends on my energy level. I do use the restroom a lot more but that is a no brainer of course. I  also have the appetite of a elephant but I find myself getting full very fast. I have started to have some crazy back pain, but my back was really bad before pregnancy so with this extra bit of weight I am carrying it will only get worse as I get bigger, but lets pray it doesn't.

Is there a bump yet?
I am definitely showing now, and its nice when people notice, I am still actually very little but every
body  is different so if you are tall and slender with a long torso like me don't let people tell you you're too little just remind them of the snap back you're about to have because of it.

Any major body changes?
Yes my boobs are bigger and my arm hair is disturbingly growing like wild fire. I could literally braid it if I want to but I wont do that I just shaved it. I am pretty much the same everywhere else.

Do you have cravings?
I still don't think I have cravings, no pickles and ice cream over here. I just really enjoy food.

Are you still having sex?
Yes indeed I am, its not like crazy 3 times a day but whenever I am feeling up to it and ready he is definitely ready too, and thats at least 2 times a week, or every other week.

How do you stay confident while your body is changing?
Honestly my Husband helps me out with that  mostly cause he reminds me of how beautiful I am with hugs and kisses but I also decided that I am going to be fierce bump and all. I enjoy dressing my bump and trying new things, yeahs sometimes I wake up with some unwanted bumps on my face but I still see the beauty in myself. My identity and confidence isn't based off of is my makeup is flawless or if my outfit is on point. Its truly based off of the joy I get from God every morning, the honor I have to grow and nurture another one of Gods children and the blessing it is to have my Husband along side of me praying and uplifting me each day.

I hope you all enjoyed my pregnancy update, if you have questions comment below and I will get to them as soon as I see them! Have a awesome weekend. Ill leave you with another photos of me at LA at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. XOXO

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