Top 10 Must Haves: Baby Registry


Hey everyone, so I am about to be a new mom and I clearly have no idea what to put on my registry. Diapers, bottles  and more bottles right. Yeah I was definitely clueless so instead of just sitting and staring at the screen I decided to go on Pinterest and look up what to put on my registry. It was incredibly helpful but incase you don't feel like scrolling through a bunch of random photos until you find the right post for what you're looking for here is a list of must have items I added to mine.

First of all you don't really want it to be a super expensive registry unless your friends and family got money like that. You can add certain things you may want but no one will actually get but the great part about most registries is that if friends and family don't by it the store will give you a discount on items left on your list. I registered at target because I did my wedding registry with them and I found it really easy and it wasn't hard for others to find or ship items in or from the store.

First on my list was of course Diapers.. just kidding actually its was a Healthcare and Grooming kit. This is awesome because it gives you everything you need in one package.

# 2 is the Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer. My sister in law has one for my niece and I can only imagine how soothing it is to have a warm wipe go against you than a cold wet one. I almost wanted one for my self.

#3 is the Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier, I always knew I wanted one of these, Its great for the baby and you can use it also while breast feeding.

#4 is a Boppy, its great for nursing and the baby will love laying in it

#5 is a Cuisinart Bottle Warmer. I first discovered a bottle warmer when I saw my sister in law use one and I thought it was amazing because when I babysit my niece we would just heat up a pot of water and a sit the bottle in it but this is a lot faster and heats it to the right temperature for baby.

#6 is the Phillips Avent Green Soothie (0-3months) These pacifiers are safe for the baby, they are BPA free.

#7 also another Phillps Avent product and its the Bottles. I looked at the rating of these bottles and they as safe for baby and well recommended.

#8 is Johnson's Baby Bath time Gift Set. Its a simple and affordable gift and you can never have to much bath time products to keep you baby nice and clean, and who doesn't love the clean baby smell.

#9 is the Made by Carter White Onesie  set. You'll need plenty of these to either let the baby lounge around in or for under his clothing. adding onesies in any color is perfect as well.

#10 Last but not least is a Skip Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station. When on the go, and your baby needs changing, you're not going to want to lay you baby on any random surface, so this is portable and can put it in your diaper bag and lay it down so the baby has a comfortable place to lay down while you change their diaper.

All of these items I mentioned before I registered at Target and are from target. ( Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Target.) Its just my favorite store and I can find affordable and stylish items there especially for the baby! This is my top ten and If I missed any other important items, feel free to comment below and add to the list. Like I said I am a  soon to be first time mom so any suggestions are a blessing to me! Have an amazing day and weekend! XOXO

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  1. I know I'm not a mommy, but I have lots of friends who've had babies, and they definitely say that if you plan to breastfeed to register for items that will help support you! For example, nipple cream, re-usable breast pads, nursing bras/tanks etc! :)

    1. I would agree with that but I also wouldn't want my friends or family buying me nipple cream or breast pads I could totally pick that up for myself. The nursing bras and tanks I wouldn't mind.

  2. There even have been complaints from oldsters WHO feel that the formula or milk failed to get heated to the right temperature. this might be extraordinarily annoying if you've got a hungry baby and their food isn't heat enough see more information.

    1. Thats just life honestly even if you're doing it old school in the pot with water it will most likely not be the right temp but thats why you warm the bottle up before the next feeding while the baby may be playing or alseep. so you have time to let it cool down or warm it up some more.