Favorite Pregnancy Products

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Hello everyone, so I have been gone for a week taking a bit of a break! It has definitely been one of those weeks, when I am not feeling my best. Enough about me though, lets talk about some of the products I have been using during my pregnancy to keep me looking the way I have always imagined I would look while pregnant.

So never being pregnant before I didn't know how my skin would react while stretching so the first product on my list was the Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. This stuff was so hard to get my hands on at first. I got it at target in their Burt's Bees section it wasn't expensive at all, around $10. The butter is so thick and smooth and I got it in the beginning of my pregnancy so like 4 weeks. A little goes a long way and I still have plenty of it left at 23 weeks. I read the reviews on it and everyone said they didn't see not one stretch mark after using it and I haven't either.

The next thing I use along with the Belly Butter is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I love coconut oil for my hair and skin. It moisturizes my skin without giving me that greasy feeling after and its really good for your body. I picked mine up at my local Trader Joe's for $5.99.

Next is the prenatal pills that I take. I started taking whatever I had found at my local walmart that would seem to get the job done when I first found out I was pregnant. Soon enough I realized I wasn't getting all that I needed. My sister in law who had just had her second baby told me about the pills she takes. They are called MyKind Organics by Garden of Life. I got them from my local Sprouts store but you can order them online on Amazon or get them from Vitamin World. They are a little on the pricy side but they are worth it. They give you 100% of everything you need and also after I started taking them I didn't feel nauseous throughout the day anymore. For a smaller bottle
(30 pills)they run about $27 and for the medium size
(90 pills) its around $35.

Another product I am loving right now is my Bath & BodyWorks Aromatherapy Sleep Lavendar Chamomile Bath and Massage Oil. I have had such a hard time sleeping as my pregnancy progresses. With this product I will take a warm bath or hot shower, to relax my body and when I get out  I have my husband message my back. It tell you on the bottle for best results to breath deeply which in my case really relaxes me. I have also had some back issues so a good message before I go to sleep is definitely what I need. One bottle is about $13-16 but Bath & BodyWorks usually always has deals and I don't even think I paid full price for this bottle.

So for my last product which I know every pregnant woman definitely has is a pregnancy pillow. I was lucky enough to not have to buy one because my sister in law gave me hers. The brand of the pillow she gave me is called Leachco Pregnancy Pillow Snoogle Mini. It has definitely been a life savor for my back and my belly. It doesn't take up too much space on the bed either, that is one thing my husband loves about it. They don't seem too expensive,
I looked up some prices on amazon and they are
between $30-50 dollars.

So that is is for my favorite pregnancy products, I am currently trying out some new stuff and will be reviewing on the blog later. I hope you all enjoyed this.

If there are products that you use and would like to share them comment below. Hope you enjoyed this post today. XOXO

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