Life/ Pregnancy Update: 22-26 Weeks

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Hello ladies and maybe some Gents, anyways who ever you are welcome to The Blog Xo. I for some reason feel like I am way pass due for a pregnancy update, maybe because it has been a really long month for me with. Have you ever just had the pregnancy blues? Well this is first child and given myself and my husbands current situation( No Jobs/ No Home with a baby on the way) I have found myself in a bit of a depressing mood. Its hard to be excited for a baby that you can't really prepare for. It has been killing me inside and I know I am pregnant so maybe thats why my emotions are all over the place but when I think about how hard its been for us and the lack of excitement we have for bringing a child into this situation, makes me want to cry every single time. On a brighter side I am now 27weeks and entering into my 3rd trimester. Crazy right??

So how has pregnancy been through weeks 22-26? Well I have definitely gotten into a good habit of walking and exercising. I was having some really bad back pain and now after walking around and working out I am definitely able to stand up more and for longer periods of time. You don't have to  have come crazy work out routine or even go to the gym but walk a few laps around your neighborhood and do simple stretches and you will be fine.

I have also begun to experience this burning sensation underneath my left breast. I went on Google to figure out what it might be and of course it was me feeling my stomach stretching. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it and during the day I am okay but in the middle of the night when I am adjusting my body to get comfortable thats when it happens and it feels as if I got a really bad rug burn.

I don't have cravings or nausea, but I do have the appetite of a grown man. I can eat all day, I am glad to say I haven't really gained weight from that and I am perfectly healthy right now, but I enjoy food more than ever. In these weeks you should also be gearing up to take your glucose test. This test is given to pregnant women to make sure we don't get Gestational Diabetes. I was pretty nervous about it cause I know in these weeks I have definitely gotten a crazy sweet tooth. So I knew for sure I was not going to pass, but I did and I am so glad about it. I have to drink this orange drink, didn't taste bad at all but I heard there are other flavors that are worst and will make you gag so always ask for the orange its tastes like Hi-c or Flat orange soda. After you drink it you have to wait a hour for them to take your blood and test it. Your levels should be between 90-120 to pass the test and if you do not pass it they will have you take a 3 hour one. I got a 106.

I asked other pregnant and new moms about it just to get an idea of how I should prepare before I take the test. Do's and Don'ts, I didn't eat any sugary foods the day before the test, and drank milk and water mostly. I  stopped eating at 8 pm the night before( and BTW make sure you schedule it early in the morning so you are not tempted to eat anything before you take the test) and drank water to fill myself up if I woke up wanting something. So you are definitely fasting, and it will feel like you haven't eaten in forever especially because after you have the drink you still have another hour until you can eat anything.

My belly has grown a lot to me but to other people they are constantly telling me how small I am, but if you are like me tall, slim, and skinny don't let it worry you. its normal and every woman is different. Who knows I might blow up in the end. I am definitely all belly though and my baby is healthy and growing right on target.

This pregnancy is really helping me learn more about myself and also helping grow and strengthen my faith in God. I mean I have hard hard times and I do cry and get down but lets not get it twisted I know my God is always on time. I am blessed to be where I am even if its not the ideal situation but I refuse to not praise him through all of this. Im excited to meet my son he is an amazing blessing already to me my husband and I and definitely motivates us.  I really wouldn't change a thing because when God does do what He is planning for us I know everything will be perfect.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post,  and thank you for reading and sharing with friends and family :) See you all soon XOXO

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