Valentines Day Looks ( Pregnant Edition)

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Hey Ladies, so I thought it would be fun to come up with some Valentines Day looks for us preggo ladies out there. I know with the growing bump we can all get a little self conscious and not feel as sexy as we did pre pregnancy. I am here to tell you just cause you got a bump doesn't mean you cant feel and look great. Sexy isn't lost, so here are a few looks I pulled from my closet that will hopefully inspire you all, and in case you're are wondering how far along I am, I am 25 weeks.

This Dress is from Windsor, I got it for vegas for my 25th birthday last summer and I am sure its a small but it stretches. When pregnant dresses are definitely a great go to look. You don't have to worry about how big you are getting cause it goes right over it with ease and comes off with ease.

Next look is from a store in California called Qrew, I am not sure if they have stores outside of California but its they do this dress is always in and it comes in different colors.

These next too dresses are from Forever 21, the red dress is a basic dress and it is super affordable at $9.99, they always have them in and they come in a bunch of different colors. The black dress I got online. I originally got it for my 1 year wedding anniversary and I was around 15 weeks when I got it and now I am 25 weeks and it still looks great. I first saw it on my favorite youtube Raven Elyse and I knew I had to have it. She was also pregnant when I saw her wearing it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post today! I also hope that you all have a very special Valentines Day with you Boo's XOXO

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