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Hello Ladies and Maybe Some Gents, I am coming to you today with an amazing campaign I am apart of called MothersPromise by Pampers Premium Care and Walmart. Pampers Premium is a top tier high quality diaper and has 5 Star skin care, hypoallergenic, wetness indicator, unique absorb away liner, breathable inside & out, extra absorb channel. I will be sharing with you my Mothers Promise and a cute way to keep that promise alive and in front of me as a reminder to my soon to be born son Ezra.

This campaign really inspired to think about some of the promises that I will really want to keep and have for my first child. You begin to think about your childhood and how your parents raised you and you either pull from the things and traditions you did when young or you decided to make a promise to do stuff with your child that you didn't get to do when you were a kid. You always want better for your children than what you have so I was excited to be apart of this and be able to share my Mothers Promise with you all.

I have Chosen 4 Promises to keep... the first one is to LOVE him unconditionally and make sure he always knows how much I love him at all times, good or bad. Growing up my father, he wasn't a very emotional or affectionate person, so I always questioned if he loved me. I want to make sure that my son never has to question that.

The second promise is PRAYER. I am a Christian and God is definitely first in my life and in my families life. I believe that prayer works and there is nothing greater than a praying mother, and grandmother. I had both, they taught so much about faith and prayer and I always knew God had me because of that them and their prayers over my life. I want to do that same for my son and give him that comfort and also teach him how to pray for others around him and in his life as well.

The third promise is EXPERIENCE. As a child I didn't really get to experience the same things my friends did, my dad always liked me to be home and we didn't really have family vacations or trips to a theme park. I want my son to experience life. I want him to experience family and make memories that he will keep for a lifetime. I want him to experience the world and different cultures.

Last but not least the fourth promise, This promise is to PLAY. As a child I had a huge imagination but I was the only child in my house, so I didn't have anyone to play with unless my  parents were going to play with me. I want to play with him and share that imagination with him and explore with him while he is growing up. I never want him to feel alone so playing with myself and his dad or even having regular play dates with other children will definitely be something I want to do for him as long as I can.

Follow me on Instagram while I also post about each of my promises each day and reveal the final product of my diy MothersPromise Project.
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