Pregnancy Update: 27-31 Weeks

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Hey Everyone, so I'm back at it again with another pregnancy update post. I can't wait to read all of this back when my pregnancy is over, which will be really soon. Right now I am 32 weeks this week, so we will get to meet our son really soon! 8 more weeks, sheesh! I don't know if its going to go by slow or fast but I am excited for it.

I feel like these past few weeks have  definitely been a test for me physically and emotionally. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you already know some of the struggles I have faced. I thank God for this journey because I have gotten to learn so much about myself. Physically the challenge has been continuing my exercise routine. I loved to walk through out this pregnancy and right when I hit 30 weeks it suddenly became really hard to walk 1 lap when I was walking 5 or 6. So I can admit I have been pretty lazy lately, other than the errands I usually have to run, walking through the mall or around the store is what I now count as a exercise. By the time I am done shopping for whatever, I am in need of a nice sit down.

Some of the symptoms I have had are super random, I was having some crazy cramps in my calfs and right now I currently have a clogged ear. I haven't been to the doctor for it yet but I am sure it has something to do with my pregnancy. The baby movements have increased and gotten stronger, and honestly sometimes they hurt. I feel like he has no space in there. I have also began experiencing Braxton Hicks, mostly when I am walking around too much. I have been gaining my healthy 4 pounds a month, so I am pretty small from what others always say( Thats super annoying). My doctor says I am doing great and I can begin to eat now haha, which I already do but I have a fast metabolism.  One of my concerns right now is that the baby hasn't turned yet, hopefully he will before I go back to see the doctor.

My husband and I have been so busy getting our lives back in place that we totally forgot about birthing classes so right after this post I will be getting that together. We still currently live with my mother in law which has been a great blessing to us. We have set up  a cute section for all the baby clothes and diapers and that has been fun for me to do and focus on.

I will be putting together my hospital bag soon and the babies bag. I will be doing a separate post on what I am bringing with me. You'll be surprised at the stuff you will actually need, I asked my new moms around me what they brought and actually used and needed. I was looking at Pinterest  and those lists are just over the top, but if you know me you already know my makeup bag is something that will definitely be on the list, haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post today and if you have any questions about my pregnancy comment below and I will get back to you asap! Have a wonderful day and week. XOXO

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