What Is Natural Birth?

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    Medical Definition of natural childbirth. : a system of managing childbirth in which the mother receives preparatory education in order to remain conscious during and assist in delivery with minimal or no use of drugs or anesthetics.
    Hey Ladies, so today I am going to quickly talk about a subject that I see constantly on social sites. I feel like for a new mom to be like me I want to change the way women talk to each other. We are so quick to judge each other and make child birth a competition instead of celebrating the beauty of it all no matter what way the baby comes.
    I have read so many articles and comments about natural birth, I posted on my Facebook asking other moms what it means to give birth Naturally. From what I have read and understand that it is only a natural birth if you don't get the epidural. Why would that only be the reason it is natural? Medically they give us that definition and that definition alone  has caused women to judge each other and place themselves under a tremendous amount of stress and depression because they couldn't handle the "natural birth process". If you ask me, a baby coming out of my body any type of way is as natural as it can ever get. 

    I don't plan on having a natural birth I plan on giving birth to my child, which is the most natural thing that any woman can do. God made our bodies for this purpose, if you have to have a c-section don't feel bad about it cause God gave someone that gift to help us get our babies out the safest way and the healthiest way. You should never feel like you are less than a woman just cause you couldn't handle the pain. What is most important is that you do whats best for you and your baby. Thats what being a mother is all about, and if you do that well in my eyes you are definitely winning.

    What does natural birth mean to you? I would love to see what your definition is and how you feel about it, make sure to comment below! Have a great week, and weekend. 

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