Baby Shower Details.

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Hey there everyone! So after a very eventful day yesterday I have finally gotten up and been able to look through all my baby shower photos! I was so pleased with how everything came out! I can thank Pinterest for all the inspiration it gave me!

Even though I was having a boy It didn't keep me from having a Kate Spade/Spring Floral baby shower. I love black and white stripes and I love floral print so it was just a must! I also don't like normal baby showers either with the animals and weird colors! haha.

All the stuff I used from my baby shower I definitely collected along the way when there was coupons available at the stores I wanted to get stuff from! It was definitely a money saver. Always make sure you download the Hobby Lobby App, Michaels, Joanns, and any other apps if you are a hand on DIY person like me. They always have 40% or 50% off  coupons every week. Check the clearance sections also, you never know what you might find.

This was one of my projects I was super exited about! I found the grass E at Joanns on sale for 40% off and I got the Flowers on the top from Michaels for 40% off also! The black and white stripped curtains came from Hobby Lobby and I just got 3 yards of it and cut it down the middle tied some flowers I had left over from my wedding last year to it and BOMB. It create the perfect backdrop for my food and dessert table! I got some long sticks from Hobby Lobby also and I didn't sew the fabric I didn't have time for that I just stapled it together like how I would if i sewed it. I used command strip hooks to hang it up! super easy DIY.

This was my photo backdrop! I got cardboard letters from Joanns and spray painted them gold. The paper flowers came from Michaels it was a box set that wasn't hard at all to put together. The box set wasn't on sale but like I told you keep those apps handy with the coupons it was originally 19.99 and i got 40% off. The fabric came from Hobby Lobby I actually recycled it from my gender reveal box back in November.

There was one thing I definitely forgot to get photo of and that was my center pieces. They were really simple I got come medium Glass vases from Dollar Tree and I bought some ribbon from Hobby Lobby, Black Glitter ribbon and Black and White Stripped Ribbon and tied them around the vase to make a bow! Very Simple and affordable but looks expensive.

This banner was make by my best friends Auntie I didn't have to pay for it, it was a gift, but it made the perfect background for my gift and Favor table! I loved it so much and it was perfect for my theme.

For my Favors I decided to get candles I got them from the Dollar Tree, It was perfect and super cute!  Grabbed some plain tags from target and some string and wrote my own thank you and welcome on them! It gives it a personal touch and lets not forget you save money when  you don't get custom ones. Get create and customize them yourself. Also don't sleep on the Dollar Tree y'all! They got some good stuff and you don't have to spend a lot at all!

I also had some frames left over from my wedding last year so I decided to use them and put black paper inside and I had a white paint pin to write on top of it!

My cake was made by a family friend. I wanted a naked cake and oh my goodness was it gorgeous i don't think pictures do it justice but if you saw the original photo i pulled for Pinterest as my inspiration you would know why I loved it so much! The Cape Topper came from Target in the dollar section I got it just the other day they had a bunch of baby shower stuff!

 So that the shower had a touch of baby in it I strung some onesies across the table! I loved it and it have it a great look!

My Dress is one thing people have been asking me about! I got it from Windsor 4 months ago, I was so in love with it. I am 5'10 and it hit all the way to the floor you couldn't even see my feet! It was perfect for my shower and even when I don't have a belly I can still wear it! The dress cost about $55 dollars here is a link to it:

I didn't have a co-ed shower the boy wanted to do their own thing so my husband came at the end when we were opening presents so I can get some photos with him and family. We were so blessed and are so excited for our sons  arrival!

This is all I got for you guys if you have any more questions just comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Have a amazing week! XOXO

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