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Hey Every One, So I am officially 38 Weeks this week and sadly this may be my last post for a while because I am preparing for my sons arrival and when he is here of course  i'll be bonding and getting him on a schedule so I will have time to post again!

At 38weeks you should definitely have your bag ready for the hospital because your baby can come any day, but just incase you don't I will share with you what I have in mine and maybe that will make life a little easier on you. If you're reading this earlier in your pregnancy then that is even better!

First off, don't  go on Pinterest for a list, those list are way over dramatic on the stuff you should bring. For the most part this bag is being made for your comfort cause being in a hospital for a night or 2 days isn't the most comfy feeling. The best people to ask about what to go in your bag or friends and family who were recently pregnant and just had their babies. Thats exactly what I did, and to my surprise all the stuff I thought I needed I really didn't!

Before anything even though it doesn't go into a bad make sure you have a car seat ready to go in the car. Thats the most important if all else fails.

Here is what  I have in my Hospital bag:

  • Nursing Bra: I put 2 nursing bras in my bag, you don't have to spend a bunch of money on them you can get a nice and comfy one from Walmart or Target.
  • Nursing Tanks: I didn't bother to spend lots of money on these either I got 2 regular black and white tanks with the bra support on the inside from walker, they work just as good and are really affordable.
  • Pj's: You want to pack some Pj's that are super comfortable, as much as you will want to be cute and throw on some leggings, thats not going to happen cause you will be wearing a large pad after you give birth and thats not  going to look hot in tight leggings.
  • Travel Size Toiletries: I went to target and grabbed a already set pack and called it a day, sometimes they don't have everything in it so I grabbed some extra stuff that I knew I would want.
  • Nipple Cream: Depending on how the baby is when he comes, he may not latch right away but if so you will want some nipple cream cause after breastfeeding for the first time you never know how your nipple will react to it.
  • Prenatal Pills: Yes  you will still need to take these pills even after giving birth. it still supplies you with the nourishment you'll need for the baby in your milk supply and body.
  • Camera: Even though you may not feel camera ready you will want to look back on that special day and the reaction on your face when you first laid eyes on your baby.
  • Chargers: Labor can go on forever so you want to be charged up at all times, phones, computers and iPads, to watch a couple movies or talk to friends and family anything to distract you from the pain!
  • Nursing Pillow: I will be bringing my nursing pillow with me, why?  Well I'm a First time mom and I heard they are amazing for nursing and it brings comfort to you and the baby!
  • FlipFlops: Definitely will need these for the shower.
  • House Shoes: For my own comfort I will bring my  house shoes cause I don't plan on laboring in tennis shoes.
  • Towels From home: Bring your own body towel and face towel from home. I trust my hospital but I don't trust them if you know what I mean. Unless I see that towel come right out the plastic.
  • Comfy Sock: I wanted to bring comfy socks for when I am not in my house shoes and on the bed relaxing it may get cold in there so just in case.
  • Labor and Delivery Robe: I bringing this because I simply don't want to be stuck wearing that horrible gown. 
  • Lounging Clothing: So depending on how long you will be there you will want something to lounge and relax in. When visitors come.
  • Breastfeeding Cover: When I have guests come visit I may be in the middle of feeding so just in case there are males around you want to have a little bit of cover up. This is just me being respectful of other cause I honestly don't care if my boobs are out.
  • Snacks: You maybe be up in the middle of the night feeding or something and get hungry always bring snacks and water just in case. 
  • Exercise Ball: Doesn't fit in the bag but, I don't wan't to use the hospitals so mine is coming with me, you don't know how many vaginas have been on those balls. Like I said I trust them but I don't trust them! Besides my ball is already broken in.
  • Coming Home Outfit: Still something comfortable but now you can be cute, and speaking of cute the next things I am bringing will also help with that.
  • Makeup: I don't wan to look horrible for photos so if possible I at least want my eyebrows on, but also when I go home and I am walking out the hospital with my baby I would like to look a little bit fab, Cause that will be the last time I am probably outside for a while haha.
  • Identification Card and Insurance Card: Bring is cause you have too!
So I think I just about covered everything, somethings are missing that others may have told you to bring but I suggest you check with your hospital and find out what they supply you with so that way you're not over packing. Something great someone told me is to take everything they have, pads, ointments... whatever it is take it and take extra haha. When it comes to the babies bag, literally they supply the diapers and onesie and blankets. All you need is a take home outfit or for pictures anything special you may want, but take what they have and that will make life a breeze for you and your husband.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it helped someone with what to pack! Next time Ill be here I will be sharing my labor and delivery story and sharing photos of the new addition to our family! XOXO!

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  1. Glad I read this! 34 weeks and I've been adding things here and there but there's a few that you've mentioned that are helpful. A pre packed travel kit is smart! The breast feeding cover; I have a lot of family who I know will be visiting at the hospital so yea that's a great idea to have the cover.