Labor and Delivery Story

Well hello there everyone! It's been so long and guess what my baby boy has made his arrival!!! I was 41weeks and 2 days! Gave birth to my son Ezra on June 4th, 2016! 

Well my labor and delivery wasn't like what I thought! Waking up at 3am with contractions and my water breaking, having to rush to the hospital. In a perfect world maybe but I had to be induced! I was in labor for almost 24 hours exactly! They started me off by giving me a pill that would hopefully get me to dilated more cause I was only 1.5cm coming in, it wasn't working and they didn't want to give me another dose cause the baby's oxygen level was going up and down. So they decided to manually open me up! They used this water balloon like device that inserted in my cervix and it filled up with water. After doing that I was 3cm. My contractions started to get stronger after they removed it and when I say stronger I mean really strong!! I was able to handle it up to about 5cm. They had me on pitocin/oxytocin and started me off with a small dose and upped it more and more. When I got to 5cm my pain was on a level 20!! I asked for the epidural, let me tell y'all that I am glad God made this haha, but I wasn't glad about what I had to go through to get it!  

The epidural finally came and I felt like ripping my uterus out! They set it up and got me ready and my contractions at this point were  back to back and stronger than ever. I was scared I wouldn't be able to stay still What was suppose to be a 5 minute procedure turned into 2 hours! They had to stick me with the needle 5 times because my back for some reason was not straight! Something kept going wrong but  the 5th time is a charm right.Turns out I was just sitting on a weird spot on the bed. I know right! After I got the epidural I felt like a pure angel. I just knew I could do anything I wanted like put my makeup on. I was hella hungry but it didn't matter because my pain was gone. I began to progress really fast after that and by the time I was ready to push it was wearing off but I was still numb in my legs but was still able to feel when to push. My husband had one leg and the nurse was holding the other. My husband was just so amazed watching me push his head out and cheering me on. I thought he was going to pass out or be like OMG thats gross but he was everything the opposite. I honestly fell in love with him even more during all of that.

When they pulled my baby out I swear I burst into a thousand tears screaming" that's my baby OMG that's my baby!" I just said it over and over and holding him for the first time I couldn't even control myself I just felt so blessed and over joyed! He was here and all ours! 

My birth went better than planned despite the whole epidural situation everything went the way I never imagined it to, if anyone knows me they know I always prepare or think about the worst possible thing that can happen. I mean i was writing out what to leave to who and how I wanted my funeral on the way to the hospital just in case I didn't make it. I am so dramatic right haha, but God was definitely in control! Now it's already been a week I can't even believe that. My baby boy and I share a birthday month. My birthday is actually tomorrow. I am excited about the future and what God has planned for our family.

My advice for mommies to be is that it's okay to make a plan but its always okay to just let God take control, I didn't have a written out plan I knew God was gonna work it out. So I wasn't  disappointed after. Even knowing I didn't want to be induced but  that ended up happening I made the best out of the situation. Went out to breakfast with my husband, picked up last minute items and got my nails done. So like I said let God do his thing and you'll never be disappointed, just incredibly amazing by His works.

Thank you so much for reading this post today, any questions?? Just comment below! Here are a few photos of the new addition to our family! 

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  1. Aww how sweet! Congrats to you and Richard! So crazy him and I went to high school. Didnt know him personally but to see photos of you guys it's amazing! My husband and I are excepting a son as well and we are due two days before my birthday. I always said how crazy it would be to have my kid born in my birthday month ( September)! Let's say God has a funny sense of humor!! Congrats again ❤

    1. thank you and congratulations to you! and yes I am definitely about to love sharing my bday month with my son!!

    2. Thank you! Yea its pretty amazing! Have you found any mommy clubs or support groups in the IE? I'm in Riverside and most of the groups I find are for mommies with toddlers or young kids! I would love to meet a group of like first time mommy's or becoming mommy's to share ideas and experiences...

    3. I havnt found any mommy clubs but I live in San Bernardino if you ever want to meet up just let me know I've been looking for other mommies to hangout with locally

  2. Sounds good! I go to San B often to visit my grandma!