Lets Breastfeed ( Week 1)

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Yes you read the title right! I am going to begin a series on my experience breastfeeding the month. I know lots of women want to do this for their babies and especially for first time moms we don't realize the pain and sacrifice and emotional roller coasters we will go through just to give our baby what is best for them. So every week I will share my thoughts and feelings and hopefully this will connect with someone and you'll know you are not alone or even for moms to be who are going to breastfeed you will see what you maybe feeling is absolutely normal. 

Week one of Breastfeeding Ezra was definitely God testing my patience and trust in Him. From birth they place the baby on you and you immediately begin to breastfeed if that is choice. I did just that and what I thought was the perfect latch wasn't! My husband and I were slacking when it came down to going to classes and so all I knew about breastfeeding was from what I had researched on my own and watched my sister in law do with my nieces. We left the hospital and of course had to return to the doctor a day later. I had been breastfeeding the whole time not knowing if I'm producing enough or not. When they weighed Ezra at the appointment I found out he lost too much weight.. Yes it's normal for a baby to loose weight but his was more than expected. Immediately I thought the worst," OMG! I'm a horrible mother already!". I was beating myself up and began crying cause I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to give him formula!  So that night I fed until I felt like my nipples were gonna fall off, also he was super hungry! They said he needed to gain a ounce and a half but the next morning he gained two and half. I was so happy I almost cried.... again haha. So we had to comeback one more time at the end of the week and he was just about at his birth weight again! God is great right, He tells us not to worry and He is always on time! Suddenly it seemed like more of my milk was coming in and he was eating more and more over the weekend. 

Now let's talk about these tender boobies of mine. Yes it will hurt in the beginning cause your breast are tender but it should hurt the whole time you're feeding. It shouldn't be unbearable pain. Head to target or Walmart pick up so Lanolin, Gel Pads, Nipple shield and you'll be good. The lanolin is the main thing I use and pretty much the only thing. I do have gel pads in my freezer just in case but I'm loving lanolin right now. Put it on before and after I feed religiously. 

The first week took a lot of talking to myself and praying. Let's not forget just simply looking at your new baby and realizing that every struggle is completely worth it. My husband has been amazing and encouraging me the whole way through. He rubs my back in the middle of the night while I sit up and feed. He has just been a great help! I also like reading to the baby while he is feeding takes my focus off the fact my nipple feel like burnt toast haha!  

So that's all I got for the first week. I hope you all enjoyed this first post of a series! Check back next week for how week 2 went. Have questions or just want to share? Comment below. XOXO 

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