Lets Breastfeed( Week 3)


Hey y'all, I'm back at it again with the breastfeeding update for week 3....

Week 3 was definitely a easier week for me.  So easy that I don't think I will have much to say about it. It has definitely been less painful and it is getting easier each day! He is latching on better, but he is getting a bit greedy with it. I know its normal for babies to spit up but last week he was just spitting so much, I thought maybe its something I am eating cause I have been extremely addicted to Cheeze-it's lately(but I am still eating healthy so don't worry). We saw the doctor last week and he said its normal, and Ezra is growing perfectly so thats great news!!

My boobs are finally starting to leak, not that I am excited about it but I am glad more milk is coming in for him. Speaking of milk coming in, lets talk about how painful it feels when you milk comes down!!! Week 3 was the first time I really started to feel it and its not a long lasting pain but it does hurt. I just massage my boobs when that happens and then I feel better. I honestly feel like I touch my boobs so much in public without knowing that I am actually doing it...anyways random thought but when I feed Ezra on one side I always feel it coming down on the other side. I am just amazed by my body right now and how it is working.

Ezra is currently going through baby acne and it was really bad. Someone told me to put my breastmilk on his face and omg when I just said I am amazed by my body, I am also amazed by my milk. His face is getting better and I am so glad cause I hate seeing my baby face like that. So if you have the same issue, put you some breastmilk on that baby face!

One thing I have come to love while breast feeding is crop tops! Put on some high-waisted jeans or maxi dress and crop top honey with your nursing bra on under! Your life will be made easy comes time for breastfeeding. I was out at the mall with my husband and when Ezra was hungry it was so simple to feed him and even pump while in the backseat of the car. Of course you can wear a normal t-shirt but then you have to keep it out the way a crop is just so simple and you'll still look like a glam mom cause crop tops look good on everyone when worn correctly.

Let me know if you would like me to post about fashion do's for breastfeeding.

I have been finding it really easy to stay encouraged during breastfeeding. I mean just saying a little prayer does it does it for me. Taking a deep breath and looking at Ezra reminds me of why I am doing  this. My husband is a great support system also. I love that at 2 am when I feed he is up with me rubbing my back or putting on a random movie to kill time and of course sometimes he falls back to sleep before me but most of the time we are up as a family. He will change his diaper and I will feed him. Its the team work we got going that really helps me feel like I am not alone.

Well thats it for week 3. New momma? Let me know how its going for you, how do you stay encouraged? Vet Momma? Let me know all the tips and tricks that helped you or just share, vent, or have any questions...Comment Below! See y'all soon.

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  1. Great post! You look gorgeous! My baby was born yesterday ans she is so lovely. I can't wait for your next post on breastfeeding fashion dos. And please could you alose share links to the websites where you bought your breastfeeding clothes ?
    Many thanks

  2. Congratulations!!! Will make sure I include links to the shops! Enjoy your new blessing ❤️