Blackshers and Baby ( 1st Month)


Yes you read it right, my baby boy is already a month old!! I still can't believe how fast the first month has gone by, and he already looks so different. My Husband and I are first time parents and before you have the baby,  people you will get everybody on the block telling you how your life is going to go after the baby gets here.

-You won't get sleep
-You won't be able to go anywhere anymore...(aka no social life)
-It will be a struggle to get ready
-Sleep when the baby sleeps
....and so on.

Some were right and because its my life and not theirs, some were wrong. We took our son home the next day after he was born. I was healthy and able to move around so we were clear to go. The first week wasn't as hard but what made it hard wasn't the baby it was my recovery. I did have to get stitched up and so i was really sore and still bleeding. Moving around was hard, my husband started work back right after we brought him home so I was on my own in the mornings,but because all a newborn does is sleep,eat and poop I was okay and only moved when needed cause I was sleeping eating and pooping right along with him.( That may have been tmi but its real)

After week one our son started to sleep in a pattern, we embraced it and began to make it more of a schedule. That way I could get some stuff done while he was asleep. He slept through most of the night some days and others he was still adjusting. We weren't super tired but because I was still getting use to breastfeeding I  was emotionally falling apart. Breastfeeding is something real people don't tell you about. Its one thing hearing about it from a doctor or in a class but make sure you ask a family member or friend. I always watched my sister in law do it and she didn't look like she was in pain but I also wasn't there in her home after her first baby watching her go through the motions. So what I saw was her already being use to it. I can say after the 1st month I feel way better about it and its easier.( if you are new to the blog..I have written about each week go and check it out after you leave here)

I can honestly say I give it up to the single parents cause I could not have made it without my Husband and our teamwork. We really did a great job encouraging each other. He would tell me I am doing a great job and I am a good mother, and I would do the same for him or even just say Thank You. When I feed at night he will  get up with me every time unless I say I am good and you can go back to sleep. We made it fun, watched movies and shows at 2 am, and just talked. Its like you're dating for the first time all over again but instead of getting to know each other as individuals you are getting to know each other as new parents. We were raised completely different so we find amusement in each other childhoods and talk about the things we will want to do for our son.

We stayed in the house the first week, but by week 2 we were already out and getting some fresh air. Some people will say thats too soon, but its a month later and my baby is healthy and has no issues. He slept most of the time while we were out anyways. I would always have the diaper bag ready to go and I would pump while we drive to our destinations so he will have a bottle ready just in case. It was easy and we had no problems so we have been out every weekend of his life except for the first. Even took him to a worship night our friends had and he slept through the whole thing no problem and it was super loud in there. We just keep him in the stroller while we are out at the mall or outside and we cover him up appropriately. Hand sanitizer for the holders or visitors and thats it. You don't have to  be stuck inside all month unless thats your preference but everyone is different. Do what you feel is best.

I have always changed baby girl diapers so changing a boy was really a first time experience we will never forget. He has pee'd on me and my bed and the changing pad and on my husband. He was circumcised so we had to be really gentle with him, didn't know we had to position his penis in the diaper or else we would be pee'd on but we learned that really quick. He healed up quickly and soon enough he was peeing in the air and on us like a pro. We now know how to change diapers quicker and or wait until he know he has already went pee a extra time. Its really funny when it happens and it creates great memories.

Sleeping hasn't been bad for him, the first couple weeks we let him kinda sleep with us but he is used to being put down so we had no problem putting him in the bassinet I was just always paranoid cause I needed to see him breathing so he would just lay on me at time. Now he is always in the bassinet at night or his swing, and put to sleep anywhere he will lay during the day. He sleeps for a long time unless I start leaking or get engorged then I wake him up but he sleeps really well, and I sleep when he sleeps unless I need to get things cleaned up or I am completely obsessing over him and taking pictures.

The first month has come and gone. Cheers to us and you making it. Cheers the the pee, spit up and long nights that came, went, and will still be our future. Looking forward to month 2.

Got questions? Want to share your 1st month stories or advice? Comment below! I love hearing from you all. Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading. XOXO

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  1. Yay Congrats on making it through the first month!:) Loved your prospective on breastfeeding! I did read your previous post on the first week or so and I must say it did scare me a little lol but I am so ready and willing to do whatever it take to make breastfeeding work for my little man! Im glad that you didnt throw in the towel!

    Ezra seems to be on a pretty good schedule! Were you at all nervous about taking him out so early? Like you said my grandma and mom believe you shouldn't leave the house for a least a month or even two... I think Im going to do what I feel is best. As long as he is bundled up and not too many people in his face or trying to pick him up! We should be ok!

    How do you handle people wanting to give their advice on parenting? Because the same thing they told you, I hear too but I feel my Hubs and I are different in the sense of... why would our son stop us from going out and being social?

    Also, circumcision!!! So we have agreed to get him circumcised! Did the Dr. do it at the hospital before you came home? Or did you have to take him to another doctors office?

    We are going on our hospital tour today! Super excited!

    1. You are going to do great at breastfeeding, its challenging at first but so rewarding after you get past the pain. I wasn't nervous about taking him out cause i only had him in the stroller the whole time and he was asleep! People knew better than to get to close to him also cause of how young his was but it was a hassle at all. Your right when you say doing what you feel is best. I heard it from certain people but at the end of the day his mine and i will betaking care of him if he gets sick.

      I always take peoples advice and just say ok. I don't try to make them see or understand what i am doing. Do whats best for you and your baby. if its good advice take it if you don't agree say okay and smile lol. My husband and I are super social people so If i needed some and to see sunlight I was going to do so.

      they did the circumcision the next morning after his birth. They took him to another room and brought him back.

  2. Yeah having a new born is pretty chill. My daughter only woke up around 3-4am to eat and she slept through the night. Yeah eat sleep and poop is the babies motto but I personally like the toddler years because they can do more without you having to get up cleaning up after themselves��

  3. Yeah having a new born is pretty chill. My daughter only woke up around 3-4am to eat and she slept through the night. Yeah eat sleep and poop is the babies motto but I personally like the toddler years because they can do more without you having to get up cleaning up after themselves��