Lets Breastfeed( Week 4)


Alright, here is the week we have all been waiting for or I have been waiting for. Week 4 of breastfeeding!! Woohooo! You know what it went by kinda fast cause my baby is already a month old! I can't even believe it! 

Week 4 of breastfeeding.. Let's just say I feel like I've been drafted into the NBA and I'm a rookie but I'm feel like a pro right now. Seriously it doesn't hurt anymore there are still a few random moments when I feel like sheesh my nipple is a little tender but for the most part I'm feeling so normal about it that I'm so relaxed and can almost fall asleep at 2am while he is still on ( and truthfully it does happen!)

I can honestly say In the beginning you won't think you can do it! I prayed a lot and I also cried. My husband would see my frustration and tears and he would just wake up with me until I was done. Rub my back or put on a movie to distract me from the pain. I love breastfeeding now. 

It has been an amazing journey, you learn a lot about yourself! Who was I kidding I just carried a baby for 9 months and gave birth to him I don't know why I would ever think breastfeeding was the harder task. We are made to do this and it does take patience and prayer in my opinion. You may not believe in prayer so then I'll stay it takes double the patience maybe even triple. Writing about it has also been a great outlet for me. I will encourage keeping a journal of the first 4 weeks and you can look back and see your growth as a woman and new mother. 

Well today was a short one but I'll be siting again soon about my first month experience as a mother, breastfeeding outfit do's and also products I loved to use in my first month!   

Don't forget to also comment below to share your experience of breastfeeding, questions, and etc... I love reading everything you guys comment! Thank you again for supporting my blog and sharing it. XOXO 

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  1. I'll be sure to remember all the things from your breastfeeding posts when it is my turn. I never knew much about it, but it's nice to know so I can be prepared. Good job new mommy! Your doing great :)

    1. haha Thanks Tat! Of course I'll always be one call away when you need me! lol

  2. Congratulations on your 1st Month Of breastfeeding Britney! You've done the hardest part.