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Hello Ladies, So I told you all that I would post about the wigs you have been seeing me in lately, I got a little crazy with the wig purchases cause this mom needed a new look or looks.

This past week I purchased 3 new wigs and revamped a old one that you have all seen me in before. I also ventured out and tried some color for the very 1st time.

The first wig I got was by Outre. They recently put out a new line "Dominican Blowout" in straight, relaxed and curly. I decided to get the relaxed one in 1b. The texture is very similar to African American hair when blowdried or straightened it definitely matched my hair perfectly. The wig is a lacefront and really thick, also very soft and flows beautifully. Its definitely a favorite that I will repurchase. I did get a lot of shedding but thats because I plucked the parting. The shedding did go down after a few brushes.
I ordered my wig from   and the shipping was pretty fast I received it within the week I ordered it. You can also get the wig at
This is the wig on the model and on me in a 1b:

The next wig I got was called "Konis" Swiss Lace. This wig was shorter and I got it for that reason but I knew I was going to cut it even shorter into a LOB/BOB look. The lace on this wig is really fragile so when plucking it don't be rough. This wig is really thick with a texture that also matched African American hair. I didn't get a lot of shedding only when plucking the part and brushing it right after. You can get this wig at
This is the wig on the model and on me(cut). I got it in a color 1b:

This next wig is the one I wanted to venture out with and try color. This wig is called "Danity" by Freetress. I absolutely LOVE this wig. Its definitely my favorite of all the wigs I have. The hair on it is beautiful and the curls it comes with are perfect you don't have to do anything to this wig but pluck the parting which isn't even bad to start with anyways. The color was perfect for my first time trying a color. Its a dark burgundy  like a red wine. The lace on it is perfect and the shedding isn't bad only once again cause I plucked the parting.
I ordered this wig from 

Here is the wig on the model and the wig on me in the same color OP99J:

Now for my last wig, I have had it for a while but I still get questions on it. Its by Outre called "Tahitian" I reviewed it on the blog before, but I'll share it again cause it is a favorite.
This wig I got from my local beauty supply but you can also find it online at one of the sites I also got the other wigs from. The wig is lace front, the parting comes pretty good but I also pluck it to match if I am leaving any hair out in the front. The wig comes in a wavy texture I love it but I always end up straightening it and curling it cause thats just what I prefer but I have worn it both ways and like it a lot. It doesn't tangle much or shed unless you're again plucking the part the shedding will stop after a while or being rough with it.

Here is the model and me in the wig. Color: 1b( the wavy pattern you see is the natural pattern, and i curled it in the front.)

I know y'all are going to ask how I blend the parting with my own. I used a concealer or foundation that matches my skin tone.You can also use a powder. Then I fill in with a black eyeshadow to where my actually hair is a little fine or if i over plucked the parting I fill in with the shadow also. I use edge control around my edged depending on the type of look I want if I am wearing the wig in a middle or side part. If you all would like me to do a snapchat tutorial on it I will just let me know in the comments.

Hope this post was helpful to you all that have asked about my wigs. Will be back soon with some more beauty and hair posts. Have a great week. XOXO

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  1. I love a good wig or "piece" as I call them! They give me so much life! I can't stand the same style for to long! Love the outre wig!

  2. I just ordered it today!
    Would love a turorial if you can!

  3. Do you have a youtube video on how you pluck and put it on?