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Hello Everyone!! I am back today with a product review. I recently received an amazing Carseat Canopy from Hemmed In. I absolutely love their product and what they stand for. Here is some stuff about the company via website:

: About Hemmed In ::
It's more than just a functional product: it's a story of Moms supporting one another. It's Motherhood being celebrated. And the clutter of life with baby being simplified, so that the slower moments can be savored.

We believe life with a new baby should be simpler.

...Sure, all the baby gear is cute...until you have to carry it around all day. Our mission at Hemmed In is to help you simplify your everyday accessories so that you can focus on what's most important, and savor the slower moments with baby; whenever, and wherever, they come.

​ On any given day with baby, you'll be toting him around in a carseat, nursing on-the-go, and undoubtedly laying out a playmat out on the floor to let him discover his world. We want to make accomplishing all that as simple as possible! So we combined a carseat canopy, nursing cover and playmat/blanket into one highly 
functional accessory that your carseat carries for you! 

Now as you can see, they are all about making life for a mom easier, especially a new mommy. I seriously thought I wouldn't need a carseat canopy because it was just another thing to take along with us when heading out, and some of the ones I was looking to buy have very heavy fabric. Y'all know a carseat is already heavy enough to carry with the baby in it and you don't want to have anymore extra weight on top of that. 

The carseat canopy is not only stylish but its light and breathable for the baby. So on extra hot days that we usually have here in California I won't have to worry about my baby boy sweating or overheating while the canopy is covering him.

Here is a up close look at the packaging and fabric:

 This carseat canopy can also be used for more than just that, you can use it for nursing and a play area/ changing for baby while on the go. I would also probably use it as a shopping cart cover when the baby gets older.

This product is handmade in the the USA and Fits all standard Carseats. This is Christian company, which is something else I love. On the side of the box you can find a scripture from Psalm 139:5 " You hem me in, behind and before, and You lay Your hand upon me."

Lets talk pricing: $59.00 I believe its is definitely worth the price especially since its handmade and you will get a lot of use from it. Also when you purchase one a portion of every sale gets donated to Hope House Colorado. Hope House helps empowers teenage mothers to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in Gods sight, resulting in a healthy future for them and their children.

So not only are you getting a great product but you're helping someones life be changed by your purchase.

One of other favorites parts about this canopy is that you can see in one of the photos above they have "You're a good mom" sew'n onto it. I know for sure every mom has their struggles, from breastfeeding to postpartum depression. This is a great reminder to uplift you each day.

Here are some more photos of the canopy:

 I am so obsessed with the pattern and fabric. It just looks so perfect and feels amazing and you can be sure that your baby will also think it feels amazing because its made it 100% Cotton Double Gauze which is why its super soft and lightweight. I really think you all should try it out. I'll maybe even do a giveaway of some sort to help make life little easier for one you.

You can follow Hemmed In on Instagram @HemmedIn or visit their Website at

Hope you enjoyed this post today and will head over and check out this awesome canopy and other products they carry!

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1 comment

  1. Thank you so much for the kind review and so many pictures, Britnie! I'm very glad Hemmed In is part of your everyday with Ezra, and hope you always know there's a mama in Colorado cheering you on! xoxo