The return of Aunt Flow...

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So Aunt Flow has come back to town, and I will be 8 weeks postpartum this Saturday, what the heck right? Of course as a first time mom who is exclusively Breastfeeding I always heard that you don't get your period back until some months to a year later. So you can see why I am so surprised by the actions of my body right now.

Well as many will tell you during pregnancy and post pregnancy" Everyones body is different" so if you're reading this and you have not gotten your period yet or you have that is why. My sister in law who also breastfeeds is one of those women who didn't get her period until a year later. Man, I wish that was my case right now but to my surprise my period is no where near as horrible as it was before I got pregnant. 

I use to have a horrible period. I would cramp so bad it couldn't even move at times and on top of that I was a heavy bleeder. I would envy the girls around me who didn't have to change their pads and tampons all the time and worry about leaking, or the girls who play sports, dance and just be active while on it. I can proudly say right now that I just became one of those girls. If I knew that all it took was for me to get pregnant to change the horror that my period causes me I would been 16 and pregnant. No just kidding  I wouldn't have gone that far but I have tried birth control and I didn't like it at all or how it made me feel so I stopped that asap. 

I went online to find out if my period changing was normal of course cause at first I was like there is NO WAY my period is back already after I just finished my postpartum bleeding, and I wasn't on the floor crying about my cramping so it just didn't seem right. Apparently if you had bad periods before pregnancy it basically switches to the period you should of had before pregnancy after pregnancy. I honestly don't know how accurate that is because searching stuff on google will have you thinking you have cancer. So I will talk to my doctor about it or if you ladies have experienced the same let me know. 

So yes you can get your period as early as 7 weeks postpartum and if you don't you are one of the lucky ones. You will be able to tell the difference from your postpartum bleeding to your period bleeding due to the color of it and the amount.  So don't be alarmed cause your period will be a little shifty for some months but make sure you track if cause you can still be ovulating even if he doesn't come. So if you have sex make sure to use some kind of protection, unless you want to get pregnant again then more power to you girl!! Breastfeeding is also not baby proof, you can still get pregnant. Just thought I'd mention that.

Well I hoped I helped someone today while in  the process of still helping myself.  Comment below for any questions, advice or just share your experience.XOXO

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  1. Oh the struggle... This is my biggest concern...Postpartum!! Because I too had the worst period of life including cramps I'm trying to mentally prepare myself after delivery. I've had a few people say its not the bad especially because Ill have my son but just not knowing how my individual body will do scares the life out of me! Hopefully it comes back lighter than ever and with less cramps! #fingercrossed

    Also, reading your IG post the other day about the day you had with Ezra and you found yourself on your knees praying shed light to the part of motherhood people don't normally share. I love how raw and honest you are. Reading your IG post as well as blog post has allowed me to kind of prepare as I discuss some of your trail and successes with my hubby! Thank you for giving a raw insider as a FTM. I watch so many YouTube videos and read a lot of things and most women make it sound like a walk in the park. You let me know that its OK to have good and bad days but it does get better! Prayer and communicating with your partner can make a world of difference.