Blacksher Family Photos

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Hey everyone, now that we are finally moved in to our new place we are excited and ready to plaster photos of our new family all over the walls. We have a friend named Grover he is an amazing photographer. He did our maternity photos and they looked amazing so why not go back and recreate a few photos and do some new ones right..

Here are the recreated photos:


I couldn't be more happy with how our photos turned out. He really captured our family so beautifully. These photos will be shared for a lifetime and as a photographer its important to understand that. He understands and I love every single shot.

It was definitely a fun experience trying to take photos with a almost 3 month old baby. He loved some stuff and spit up on all the stuff. Keep in mind when taking photos with a baby the feeding schedule cause you are on a timed schedule especially when it comes to lighting and getting the shots you may want, also don't go for perfection just role with it and you will get some great natural shots. Our photographer gave great direction so that helped a lot because my husband and I are awkward in front of the camera but that works for us, Thank God!

Here are  some of my favs from the shoot( even though It was hard to choose cause I love all of them)...

I hope you all enjoyed the photos. If your are in Southern California and need photos done check out his Instagram @groveofalltrades and his website

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