First Time Leaving Ezra

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I know , I know it has been a while since I posted, but that is why I am back because In the matter of only 3 weeks so much has happened. There was a loss in the family and I also took my first trip away from home without Ezra and lets not forget I have had a horrible cold and Ezra and I were both sick. So who was with him while I was away you might ask, because everyone asks. His father, thats right there is another parent who is fully capable of taking care of their child too. Crazy right. (Sorry/Not Sorry for the sarcasm)

I had been planning this trip since June. My best friends birthday was coming up and we had been talking about going but I wasn't sure If I would be ready to leave him or not. I knew he would be 3months old but I kept going back wondering if that would be too soon. I was also worried about what people would think about me leaving my baby to go to Vegas. Vegas is my favorite place to go. My best friend and I go every year as a mini getaway since its only about a 3-4 drive away. I didn't get to celebrate my birthday this year due to me having a baby one week before so I was super excited to celebrate and have a mommy getaway.

I pumped a lot of milk to prepare for this trip I knew I would be gone 2 1/2 days so I wanted to make sure he has more than enough I believe I left him 32 bags of milk ranging from 6oz bags to 3oz bags. He drinks about 3-4 oz so some bags would basically be like having a extra bag of milk. He didn't drink all of the milk I left but its good to over prepare you never know especially driving car trouble is always a possibility. Also you never know if someone might spill the milk, God forbid!

So like I said I knew I would be gone 2 1/2 days but my friend  wanted to stay a extra night leaving one day ahead of schedule so instead of 2 nights I was gone 3 nights. I was so nervous leaving him I did Facetime and  text almost every 2 hours the first day and a half but what first time mom doesn't . My husband had everything under control so I started to really enjoy and relax. The hardest part to me about leaving is that every baby you see reminds you of your own. You want to rush back home and hold your own baby and kiss them. I realized that I needed to just let go and it was okay not to call or FaceTime for a while. You're not a bad mom because you enjoy being away.

In the black community they make you feel like the way you do things for YOUR baby is never the right way,"Give him more of this, don't do this , don't put that on him". People did this to me and didn't realize how depressed it was making me. I did go through postpartum depression because when my son was born I was completely on my own the day after coming home with him. My husband started a new job, my MIL left to work as well and my family decided not to come and help me last minute because of their own selfish reasons(still a bit bitter about that). Though I know my husband would of been there for me if he could. I still felt abandoned. People would tell me what I was doing wrong but know one was trying to help me. I was lonely and all my mommy friends lived too far away. It was just me and  Ezra everyday, and it was just me trying to figure things out the best way I could. On top of that we had just moved and I was moving alone with the baby while my Husband was working. I was completely stressed and worn out emotionally and physically.

Now you can see why  this trip was in high demand. I needed a break, and time to just let loose for a while, get sleep and relax. It was a breath of fresh air and I had a amazing time and my Husband did an amazing job for his first time being with Ezra alone for a full day and night.

When you know you need to get away don't second guess yourself. If you have the support and people who will help you, let them help you. Know you're not a bad mom but a good one because a happy mother is a happy baby. A happy wife is a happy life. My husband pushed me to go especially because we knew after a turn of events had happened in the family I wouldn't have another opportunity to go away. I'm glad I went and proud of myself for being able to let go. I hear about aloof mothers who don't leave for 6 months to a year and if everyone would just support mothers in taking time for themselves life would be beautiful. A lot of moms go through postpartum depression and you would never know it because people will make you feel like you're weak or that what you're overwhelmed feelings doesn't beat/ compare to what they have to do everyday. Listen to your heart and your body and take that time for you.

Quick Tip: When exclusively breastfeeding and you're traveling away from home, let the hotel know you are breastfeeding and that you need a fridge they would most likely give one to you in the room for free or you can always bring a cooler and use ice to keep the milk cold.

I hope I was able to encourage a new mommy to get away and take time to yourself. Have any questions? Comment below and ask me whatever and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you don't want to comment you can always send a email to THEBLOGXO@GMAIL.COM. Have a wonderful week and don't forget dads are parents too! lol. XOXO

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