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Its Our Anniversary....( slow two step)

Thats right, today I have been writing on this blog for a year, and I can not express enough how awesome it has been, but actually I can and thats why I wrote this blog post.

This has been years in the making and I say this because there have been other times that I have made a blog and didn't stick to it because I had a fear that no one is really reading or that I was not interesting enough to be a blogger. I didn't have a fancy camera or time to take photos of my outfits, and lets be real I didn't have money to be buying these outfits, cameras and more makeup. I didn't feel I could be those girls that I subscribed to. I tried multiple times and different names and suddenly I woke up one morning and said to my husband I am going to try this blog thing out again, and I am going to call it "TheBlogXO". I didn't want some clever little name and I wanted it to be what I truly felt it was. A blog make will love and that when people read the blog blog they would find it comforting. So thats why I put the XO on it hugs and kisses are comforting to me and to anyone.  I had felt God tugging on my heart constantly telling me to use my voice. I have a testimony and I have this special situation God had put our family in, why not share it with others. I knew I wasn't alone in what I was going through but I felt I was.

I started to write and I felt a real release. I suddenly didn't feel alone. I am so thankful for God and my testimony and I am also so thankful for my Husband. He continued to believe in me and my vision for this blog. Though I may not have thousands of readers, I am truly satisfied with the opportunities and the wonderful people I have met through my blog.

One of my favorite parts about this blog is the comments and the stories that are shared with me from you guys. I try to be as open and honest as I can be with you all because one of the things I don't want to do is portray my life as something it is not, especially because when others are reading you want to connect with your readers. Some of us or fortunate to have certain things and experiences in our lives and some of us have a rough start and need to look forward and be positive. After sharing about my Husband loosing his job and being pregnant. You all made it so easy for me to be honest about how i was feeling during my pregnancy and after my pregnancy, and you also shared your experiences with me as well, giving me great tips and advice to use. I got a lot of you telling me you were going through the same thing and it really helped me look at things in a better perspective.

 If god has given you a voice and you feel the need to share with the world I highly encourage you to do so. I can't wait to continue and watch this blog grow and be what I know it can be. Things are not a success over night or when we want them to be and my blog isn't going to be a world wide success in a year. It takes time and patience and most importantly faith.

I thank you all for going on this journey with me and watching my family go from 2 to 3. I will be doing a giveaway this week in honor of my 1 year anniversary with The Blog XO, follow my Instagram as I will be announcing the giveaway on there.

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