Sex after a baby

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Lets be real, Who really is trying to have sex after having a baby.... (I sure wasn't )

If you have been following me for a while you will know that sex is one of my favorite topics and also my favorite thing to do. Its great exercise and obviously great for your marriage, but after having a baby I can honestly admit I was watching the calendar, dreading my 6weeks to be up and I just knew my doctor was going to say you're clear to have sex now. Even though I was clear I still wasn't ready but I knew I couldn't hold out on my Husband for two long.

The last few weeks of my pregnancy we had A LOT of sex due to me trying to get my contractions going. I was all sexed out for the first time in my life. When it got to the 6 weeks I was bleeding a bit still and my body wasn't the best so I wasn't feeling sexy enough to put down for my hubby.

Lucky for me my Husband wasn't the type to pressure me into having sex. Though I knew he had his needs he wanted to me to be ready. I was going through some postpartum depression and trying to accept my body for what it is now and before I knew it, it had been about 2 months since we had Ezra which means it has been 2 months since we had sex, really almost 3 months. (I know, I know i'm and horrible wife)

So after talking with one of my mentors I was like you know what, I have to get out of my head and just do it. I felt as though I was being selfish and not honoring God and my marriage. My Husband comes first before my son, and I am very big on making sure that my Husband and I continue to put US first even though we are parents now.

So we did it. Finally had sex after having a baby and if I can be as honest as I have always been. The sex was better than it was before having a baby. I don't know what shifted around but it was AMAZING and I was mad that it took me so long cause I was obviously missing out. Its not like I didn't enjoy sex before because like I said it is my favorite activity. It internally felt better and there was just a different connection I had with my Husband. A different connection that just happens with relationships after going through different stages. I will be honest again, I didn't wait to have sex till marriage. So sex before marriage was good but wasn't as good as it was after being married and now sex after a baby is just even better and I am sure one day when my son moves out the house and goes off to college we will still be having sex and it will get even better( because I heard after 40 is when the sex really be poppin').

If you haven't had sex yet I am not here to tell you to hurry up and do it or make you feel guilty. I am just going to say do it when you are ready and make sure you communicate that with your Husband or partner. You don't know what they are thinking and communication is key. They might think it is them or they don't know about how you are feeling physically or emotionally about it. After you get that conversation at the way then it will be easier for you to go ahead and start become intimate with them again. Yes your baby is everything! but your Husband was there first and will be still be there when they leave so invest into your relationship. Even if you aren't ready for sex go on date nights or cuddle in bed after you put the baby down to sleep. There are other ways to be intimate with your spouse, just do what makes you comfortable.

Well thats all I got for y'all today. If you have questions make sure you leave a comment below. I love hearing for you all. Have an amazing week. XOXO

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