Balancing Mom life and Work Life.

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Oh hey there.

So I thought it would be nice to share a little bit about how I balanced being a new mommy and working full time. I know all of us don't have the luxury of spending more than 6 weeks with your baby after giving birth, which I might add is absolutely an unrealistic timing to leave your baby and go back to work. America really needs to work on that. 

I stayed home with Ezra for 6 months, and that was the greatest experience, though it was very challenging sometimes because I really wanted to go back to work(which I sometimes felt the opposite after going back haha). I was able to find a job in the exact position that I wanted that allowed me to still balance being a new mother. It was definitely God sent cause I had a lot of flexibility.

When I would work I would have family or friends watch Ezra while my Husband and I were working(shootout our village), eventually we started to take him to a family friends daycare, which was only 5 minutes away from my job so I was able to pick him up and drop him off with ease!

I can say some days were harder than others, working full time and being away you always have thoughts that you may miss milestones. My greatest fear was that he would start walking and taking his first steps and I wouldn't be there to see it first. If I was or wasn't I will never know because my one rule for anyone watching him was to not record and send it to me, not to share it on social media before me, and not to tell me period. I am really big on firsts, but what mom isn't right?  I do think I got to see his first major steps and a lot more I feel like Ezra saved for me to see.

There were maybe a couple times when I had few break downs at work because I was so sad that other people got to spend more time with him and I was jealous and didn't want Ezra to get closer to anyone else. I'm his mom, I know that sounds crazy but for some reason, I thought that was possible, and also I just terribly missed him. A day and a life of Britney over thinking...(Hmm that would be a great blog name) Anyways...!

I would be so tired after work, and I couldn't possibly think of anything more than picking up Ezra, getting through traffic and hitting the bed. As soon as I hit the door and I saw Ezra so excited about seeing me I would seriously catch a second wind! I was instantly transformed from tired working woman to mommy turn up time. Which was awesome because if you play hard enough you will wear them out before bed time and they will sleep like little angles most of the night.

While working I was also exclusively breastfeeding. This was one of greatest challenges because I was no longer with him every day, all day giving him milk on demand and trying to figure out pumping schedule while at work and actually sticking to it. I felt my milk supply getting low and I was frustrated about not producing enough milk. I did some research and talked to a few fellow working mommies. After trying different supplements and drink powders, I found this amazing company that made awesome treats and drinks that helped produce more breast milk for your baby and it was all natural and tasted GREAT!  The name is MILKY MAMA (click Milky Mama Text for a direct link to website), they have brownies, cookies, lemonades. You Name it. It was a bit pricy but I had great results and with that, I thought it was completely worth it. So if you're a working mama and having issues with producing enough milk to store away for your baby I would highly recommend checking them out.

Now I cannot talk about balance and not mention how my awesome Husband was such a great help! When you're a full time working mommy, or even a stay at home mom you need that ME time. With a growing soon to be a toddler who was starting to walk and follows you into the bathroom every chance he gets, that ME time may almost seem impossible to get. My Husband was so helpful, even if I just needed to leave and walk around Target, I got just that and sometimes more.  Let's not forget mommies, our husbands, baby daddies. They are parents too and need just as much quality time with our little ones as you do. For some, I know the fathers may not be apart of your children's life so that means you need to utilize your village right? Don't be the friend to ask for help. Ask a friend, god mom, auntie, grandma, someone you trust and let them know "  Hey I need some ME time!".  No one can argue with you on that because to have a happy life and family, you have to be happy too. So invest that time into yourself.

I hope this post has been helpful to a mommy out there. Yes, it's hard but at the end of each day, it is beyond worth it. Use that village, and take time for you, do your research but know you're not alone in this journey!

Got some questions or just want to say hi? Comment below and let talk! :)  I hope you all have an awesome week and thank you for visiting

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