Favorite Fashion Trends of 2017

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2017 is halfway over, can you believe it! I can't, but let's talk about all the hot new fashion trends we have been seeing from our favorite celebrities lately. I for one can agree that as always Rihanna is a fashion killer, always setting trends and wearing the trending fashion the best. From hair and makeup to clothing she is all around the best out there to me. Here are some of my favorite looks from her lately...

Have you been loving the off the shoulder trend as much as I have? One of my favorite trends this year has really been the off the shoulder look! I feel like that is a look that anyone can rock. It's definitely a universal instant slay, that you can never go wrong with.  Here are some of the shoulder fashion trends via Pinterest.

Off Shoulder looks good great from day to night. If you haven't tried this look out I suggest you do, you won't be sorry.

One of the other trends I have found myself completely in love with this year is wide leg pants! This is a trend that you can be bold, classy, sexy and just an all around fashion slayer when you walk into a room. I love it especially because it looks great with my height. A nice high waisted wide leg pant you cannot go wrong with! Here are some looks I loved from Pinterest.

 Let's take a moment and look at some bomb makeup.. via Pinterest.. and some looks from who else? ME!!

One of my favorite palettes to use right now is the NYX Perfect Filter Eyeshadow!  There is this bomb dark red color in the palette that just makes every makeup look come to life. Check out my previous post on my Top 6 Makeup Must Haves for more details.

I am thinking about youtube video ideas so if there are any looks y'all would like for me to do in a video let me know in a comment under this post and I will make it happen.

I cannot do this post and not mention one of my favorite celebrity couple that has been absolutely killing it lately in fashion! Yes, you guessed it, the Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade! They have my husband and I so inspired and ready to kill it every time we walk into a room.

YES.. YES and YESS!! 

another trend that will never get old no matter the year is High Waisted Jeans, Shorts and Pants. This look is universal and looks good on every body type. For a tall girl like me, high waisted is always perfect. I don't have much of a shape but High Waisted Jeans, Shorts and Pants create that illusion for me. One of my favorite pairs on jeans in my closet right now are my high waisted Levis. I can wear those everyday, and sometimes I do..(No Judgement)
Now with a good High Waisted Jean I also love a Knotted,Tied T-shirt crop top... I remember doing this look as a little girl, trying to be fast and now its a actual trend and I am embracing it. Its cute with everything. A maxi skirt, high waisted jean,mini skirt or how ever you want to rock it. It took me a while to be confident showing my stomach again after the baby, due to having stretch marks but I am slowly learning to love my stomach again and that this is all a natural gift from God.

If you're a mom, don't be afraid to express yourself just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to loose your self expression! Be who you are and don't apologize for it! You're a beautiful woman who gave birth to a beautiful baby! Be confident and Love yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I will hopefully be back with my own look-book of some affordable fashion finds...(when I get a job haha) Until then I will raid my closet and put together some fun looks for inspiration! Thank you again for stopping by..

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