Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life after Baby


I will be the first to admit, sex after Ezra was the furthest thing from my mind each day and before Ezra it was all that I wanted. I huge switch right, well when Ezra got bigger I started to realize the importance of keeping the intimacy alive in my marriage.

Working full time, taking care of a baby that needs you 24/7 and also making sure you meet the needs of your husband and yourself does sound like a lot, but it is manageable. You of course will not be having sex everyday all day but fitting that time in for each other is so important.

Nap time- Let nap time always be your golden hour or two on the weekends. If you are currently at home with baby or working full time and your husband is at work you find yourself with less time for intimacy, but when you both are home together on the weekend use that time to reconnect and recharge after a long week.

Babysitters/ Your Village- Though it is nice to get out and socialize with other adults, date nights don't always have to be outside of the house. Instead drop the baby off with someone you trust, utilize  your village. No one can argue with you wanting to keep the love and fun alive in your marriage! Grab your hubby and head back home... after that you know what to do.

Night Time- Listen after that baby is down for the night, you have the whole world in your hands! Crack open a bottle of wine and cuddle up with your man. Share a few kisses and make it do what it do.

At first you may feel uncomfortable, as I did because I was so focused on " babe what if the baby wakes up, how awkward would that be" or "I hope he doesn't hear us". You have to let that all go and zero in on you and your man! In the end you and him will be happier and closer than ever which makes for a happy family all around. Yes your baby is important but your marriage has to come first. There will be nights when your tired and you just don't have the energy, trust me I have been there and that is okay but  at the same time realize thats is God given special time you're missing with your husband, besides after have sex you're garenteed to sleep 1,000x better, and loose a few calories. Who wouldn't want that??

Hang in there ladies! We got this, don't be afraid to ask other mommies how they maintain their sex life as well. We need to support each other more and share, and I don't have all the answers but Im not afraid to share my own personal experience in hopes it may help someone else! if you have any more question don't be a stranger and comment below! Thanks for visiting ...

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