Top 6 Makeup Must Haves

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Whoa! Hey there, Yes! YES! You are reading right, I am back and super excited to share everything about me with you all again. From Slaying in the streets to slaying in motherhood, actually, lets face it when it comes to motherhood 90% of the time I'm in shambles. I know some of you can relate to that, and don't be ashamed of it, motherhood isn't always so glam and if it is for you, girl let me know the secret to that glam life!

I thought it would be a great start to share my Top 6 Makeup Must Have Products that I absolutely can't live without. I can't live without more than 6 but I didn't want to bore you with all the products I use, I'll save that for a youtube

are you ready?...

I am, so let's get started...

First, lets talk about the "Superstay Better Skin Foundation" by Maybelline. Retails for between $8-$12 bucks depending on where you buy it, but either way, it is SUPER AFFORDABLE! You can get it at any drug store( Walmart, Target, Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS..) It will give you the skin of your dreams, okay maybe being a little extra but I know on my skin I have used it for 6 months and I have had 0 issues with it. I did play with different primers because my skin is oily and it doesn't matter the foundation I use I will always be oily. FOREVER... But I have also forgotten to put on primer and it lasted all day even after my skin got oily it looks like just a dewy finish, which was perfectly fine with me. I currently use the color "95" Coconut.

Next is an absolutely GOD SENT product. The "Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe Vera". I am going to tell y'all this lash adhesive made me throw DUO lash glue all the way to the side! I can cry, crip walk, stomp the yard and stand in front of some Beyonce wind and my lashes will still be on! If that isn't directly from  Jesus himself I don't know what is. It retails from $5-$10, though I have never purchased it for more than $6 so again it would depend on where you get it, if you're like me Amazon is also my best friend when all else fails.
While we are on the topic of lashes and Kiss here are the lashes I constantly wear, you will see them in absolutely every photo I posted on Instagram. Kiss Lash Couture Boudoir Lashes, these lashes are so natural looking and reusable. I have worn these lashes back to back to back. They are easy to clean and go with any and every makeup look even if you just want to keep it simple and only wear lashes without the eyeshadow and the works! These retail for around $5-6 the pricing I believe is really worth it. I always stock up on them when I do buy more because sometimes they are always sold out due to how popular they are. So make sure you buy in bulk girls!

I am usually not huge on eyeshadow especially when I was working full time and getting the baby ready in the morning, I didn't have time for any of that... until I found this Perfect Filter Eyeshadow Palette by NYX. Seriously this is a palette that is chocolate girl friendly. It could be more pigmented but it doesn't really bother me because it is a bomb for all the looks I want to do and I haven't had any issues! It was a bit pricey. I think it was like $15-20... Yes, that is Pricey for me, if it's not for you then good, go buy me something girl since you got money! I purchased it directly from the NYX store near my home. I think they also sell it in Target. 
So I was literally on the hunt for the perfect lip gloss that gave me some color but matched my skin tone. I found the Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Gloss. I wear this lip gloss every day it doesn't make my lips feel dry underneath, gives my lips a nice glow and was only like $2 dollars at Walgreens! 
Last but not least the GOAT... MACs Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray! .....I was so late to the game on this one cause I really thought y'all were just spraying water on your face and it made no difference at all. I was a fool, and now I basically pour the whole bottle on my face. Okay I lied, I do get carried away sometimes but it's so amazing. I got it from Mac, I think it was like $20, again really worth the price and it lasts a long time depending on how crazy you get with it. I definitely cannot live without it after applying all my makeup! Go get you some of this water girl! 

 Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your support more than you know and I promise I won't disappear for basically a year again but maybe a week cause y'all know your girl is busy and in shambles.

Comment below for questions or just to say hello! I would love to hear from you! XO

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