About Me

 Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog"The Blog XO".  So I am guessing you are reading this right now because you want to know more about little ol' me.

      Well here are some main facts you should know:

  • 25 years old
  • African American
  • Married(1year)
  • First Time Mom to a baby boy named Ezra
  • I'm really tall (5'10)
  • Im from Southern California
  • I am a Christian 
Now time for the fun facts:
  • I Love Giraffes
  • I Love everything Fashion
  • I Love Makeup and Beauty
  • My favorite color(s) is Black &White
  • I Love Food( all kinds especially spicy food and bacon wrapped hotdogs)
  • Music is Life.
  • I like to make my own clothes if I can't find what I want in stores.
  • My favorite desert is Banana Pudding!

I really enjoy spending time with friends and family that is definitely where my heart is. God come first in everything I do, I don't practice a religion being a Christian woman is just who I am. I am by no means perfect at all and i'm still growing spiritually. I appreciate life and everything it gives me good and bad because I am not deserving of either. I enjoy shopping but I am a very basic shopper, I love to either shop for eye catching pieces or basic pieces I can move around and wear with everything. I really enjoy writing, its definitely how I release my stress and even self counsel at times. You'd be amazed after reading your feelings about something that you might of actually been wrong in the situation or just crazy. Music is also a release for me I enjoy listening to music while writing,cleaning,beating my face( putting on makeup) or working out( which I don't really do a lot). I mentioned I love food, but I don't enjoy cooking it. As a new wife I am still getting use to the idea of cooking but thankfully God sent me a husband who doesn't care about if I cook or not.  have been married for 1 year and we are expecting our first child May 2016.

Lets talk about his blog, I named this blog "The Blog XO" because I just felt like well its a Blog and I love hugs and kisses, no not really but I was over all the other cheesy blog names and nothing really seemed just right so I decided to with The Blog. This Blog is basically mix of a little but of everything. So except some random posts.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to get to know a little bit about me and joining me on this journey! XOXO



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